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Trans people and friends, trans-related news, events and activism in Toronto

Trans Toronto
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This is a community for gender variant, transsexual, transgender, intersex and genderqueer people (as well as their partners and friends) around Toronto, Canada.
Men, women, boys, girls, etc. of any sexual orientation.

Talk about any ideas or issues on your mind, advertise trans-friendly social events, discuss trans-related news or activism about Toronto or Ontario, etc.

Respect other people. Not everybody has the same experience or path. Keep the general mood positive and constructive.

Trans-friendly Toronto LJ community:
- torontoqueers

Trans social or support groups
- Trans_Fusion Crew via Supporting Our Youth
- Trans Youth Toronto
- FTM Peer Support Group
- Meal Trans

Trans-friendly special events and parties
- Pussy Palace women's bathhouse
- Club V (Vazaleen) at Lee's Palace
- Genderfukt! at Sneaky Dee's

Generally trans-friendly bars
- Crews-Tango
- Buddies in Bad Times
- El Convento Rico
- Ciao Eddie

Generally trans-friendly health care providers
- Sherbourne Health Centre
-- For hormones, ask for an appointment with Dr. Tam
-- They also offer counselling services