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Get Juiced - April 23rd at The 519 [Apr. 19th, 2011|09:04 pm]
Trans Toronto


This Saturday, there is an amazing, free conference taking place at The 519 Community Centre called "Get Juiced."

Get Juiced is a community gathering/conference on active healthy living focused on trans and gender queer youth (but you don't have to be trans, gender queer or a youth to attend, everyone is encouraged to come).

It’s all happening at The 519 Church Street Community Centre on Saturday April 23rd.

FREE! Wheelchair accessible. ASL interpretation available. Registration not required.
Great door prizes. Morning snacks and lunch included (inc. vegan & gluten-free).

All of the Juicy Details (aka, an outline of the workshops) can be found at the Facebook link below -you don't need an account or to log in to see them.


Get Juiced is brought to you by The 519 and Healthy TransActions. Healthy TransActions is a drop-in program for trans-identified youth and youth exploring their gender identity. At HTA, youth under 27 have the opportunity to explore the fun and fascinating world of active healthy living – sport, social recreation, nutrition and education. Check out our site for details: http://www.the519.org/programsservices/transprograms/healthytransactions